Banquet Celebrates 2015 Season

Banquet Celebrates 2015 Season

Holzwasser & Galland Win Teammat Award

Ruffnecks Begin Off Season Work

Ruffnecks Begin Off Season Work

Hitting Sessions and Working Clinics Provide Structure

Playing for Fun? Or What Do We Coach To?

Playing for Fun? Or What Do We Coach To?

For the Love of the Game or For Exposure?

Banquet Celebrates 2015 Season

Holzwasser & Galland

The 8th Annual Ruffnecks Banquet was held at The Four’s in Quincy with a packed house in attendance.  It was another evening that did not disappoint the 160 guests who braved the commute.  As usual, players arrived to tables decked out with the 2015 yearbook.  The first thing they do is to thumb through the book and recount the experiences of the past season.  But most importantly the Banquet is an affirmation of the Ruffnecks culture.  It is an evening where teammates have a chance to get together in person.  Sure, social media enables them to maintain contact with each other, but nothing replaces the gathering of friends and teammates at a single location.  Parents, and the occasional sibling, also enjoy food, conversation, and the bonds that evolve in the context of the Ruffnecks experience, in an evening where much more than baseball is celebrated.

Each year the “Senior” class is a central part of the evening’s festivities, and this year provided a particularly “Senior” theme.  The guest speaker was none other than a parent of one of the five-year seniors, who delivered a personal, yet universal message for Ruffnecks players and families.  He opened his remarks with characteristic humility, pointing out that during his son’s five year experience we had guest speakers such as Hall of Fame player Jim Rice and Red Sox poet laureate, Dick Flavin.  Indeed, those are impressive speakers, but none matched the poignancy of this year’s message, and those in attendance were affected emotionally and genuinely.

The Banquet also features the Ruffnecks Video presentation, and of course the central theme of the evening, which is the value of teammates.  The annual Johnny Pesky Teammate Award is presented to a member of each Ruffnecks team. The award winners are presented with a copy of David Halberstam’s book about the last time Johnny Pesky, Dominic DiMaggio, Bobby Doerr, and Ted Williams enjoyed each others company.  Dick Flavin has a prominent role in the non-fiction account as well.  The 2015 Pesky Teammate Awards were presented to the following:  13U – Holt Fletcher; 14U – Mitchell Schroeder; 15U – Billy Seidl; 16U – Michael Doyle; and the Seniors were two of the finest teammates, and closest friends – Chris Galland & Scott Holzwasser.  Dinner… laughs… a few moments celebrating the program, looking back, looking inward… and the evening was over.  As the Ruffnecks head into the 2016 season we appreciate all who attended, and miss all who could not join us.

2015 Ruffnecks Video

Ruffnecks Begin Off Season Work

14U Donald Sivolella gets Instruction

The 2015 season is in the rear view mirror, the Fall sports season is ending, and Ruffnecks players are beginning the off season work that prepares them for the upcoming spring and summer seasons.  Already, the new class of 13U Ruffnecks has begun team hitting sessions at St. Mark’s School.  Weekly hitting sessions work the fundamentals of bat control and the development of more efficient swings.  Red Sox AAA hitting coach and former MLB All Star, Rich Gedman, joined one recent session.  Geddy’s steady hand and approach are invaluable resources for Ruffnecks at all levels of development.  It was a particular privilege for the new 13s to listen and learn.  The 13s off season regimen mirrors the efforts of the 14U Ruffnecks.  The two youngest teams use a combination of focused hitting sessions and indoor workouts.  For December, the indoor activity takes place at St. Mark’s.  In January, positional workouts and team preparation take place at the Harvard University “Bubble” where full field drills and station work are possible.

Rich Gedman with 13s

Several Ruffnecks catchers are taking advantage of some off season skill work.  Six Ruffnecks, from all levels in the program, enrolled in the Gedman Catcher Clinic at the New England Baseball Complex the weekend of November 21-22.  The clinic provides catchers with fundamental instruction, review, as well as advanced work.  The clinic is outdoors with players throwing to bases, catching pop-ups, and conducting blocking and receiving drills.

Of course, many Ruffnecks pitchers are also starting their off season throwing programs.  Coach Matt Blake works with many of the Ruffnecks pitchers at Cressey performance, and is integrally involved in the development and execution of the Winter Workouts at Harvard University.  The off season is a busy one, and it has officially commenced.  The beginning of March is a little over three months away.  A ton of work will be done between now and then.

Important Notices

(Updated Thursday, Nov. 26 at 9:00am)

Happy Thanksgiving

Tuesday, Dec. 1
13U Hitting

7:00 - 8:30
at St. Mark's

Thursday, Dec. 3
14U Hitting

7:00 - 8:30
at St. Mark's



The New England Baseball Complex is located at:
333 Southwest Cutoff
Northborough, MA 01532



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